The Gift of a Lifetime

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The Gift of a Lifetime weaves together in-depth information about donation and transplantation with the real-world stories of transplant recipients, donors and health care professionals. This is a unique opportunity for young people to explore health literacy and technology, the science of transplantation, quality of life issues and the rights and responsibility of citizens.

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The Gift of a Lifetime in the Classroom

Students and teachers can experience the dramatic stories of transplant patients and donors as they are told in the Transplant Journey and Faces of Donation. Download suggested activities and worksheets and explore the Interactive Body to learn about the organs and tissues that can be transplanted. Students can also send questions that will be answered by experts in the field of organ and tissue transplantation, or you can arrange for a local expert to come into your classroom.

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Activities and Lessons

For ideas and suggestions on how to use The Gift of a Lifetime in the classroom, download the "Investigations into Organ and Tissue Transplantation" documents below.

Investigations into Organ and
Tissue Transplantation

Grades 5–8
Grades 9–12

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